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Implant Retained Lower Dentures


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Snap On Lower Denture

As all denture wearers know, lower dentures are loose. The suction cup effect which keeps an upper denture in place cannot be obtained on the lower jaw, due to the tongue and cheek muscles. Lower dentures just sit there. They are kept in place by gravity and often "float like a canoe" even if they are well fitting.

Our office coordinates care with an oral surgeon who places 2, 3 or 4 implants in the lower jawbone. After 3-4 months of healing, the jawbone grows around and through the implant making it snug. Your old dentures can still be worn during this time.

After healing is complete, the abutment attachment is screwed into the threaded trace of the embedded implant cylinder. This is the ball part of the SNAP which sticks above the gum. A custom lower denture is then fabricated with the donut part of the SNAP processed into the underside of the denture.

Just like a clothing SNAP, the denture then snaps over the implant balls. The snug fit is then adjusted so the denture stays in place but can still be easily snapped out for cleaning the denture and implants. This procedure can also be performed in the upper jaw if needed.

Call for an Implant consult with Panoramic X-ray to evaluate your care.